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A creative agency for an ever changing world.

Corp’s mission is to simply give our clients access to big (and little) agency work without having to deal with that big, outdated, expensive and lumbering agency model. We work for you, not juries, panels or peers. No hierarchy, layers or departments. No arseholes, egos, bullshit or buzzwords. We collaborate with you based on your needs - not ours. We have our own studio, kit and production capability. We go huge big or tiny small. We’re all digital & analog at the same time (imagine 😂).

Oh, and we get shit done.



Nathan | Founder + PA


Spencer | Studio + SLAYAGE

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We’ve done this before (a tiny little bit).

Between them, Petra & Nathan have worked with Nike for over 9 years. Our in house experience includes Google, Sony, adidas, EA Sports, BBC, Converse, Playstation, Volvo, BMW, Budweiser, Heineken, Coca Cola and IKEA in London, Amsterdam, New York & Stockholm. Here in New Zealand Corp® works/has worked with Suntory Frucor, Massey University, ASB, Coca Cola, My Republic, o2o2, Westpac, UBER, Red Bull, Simplicity, Project Jonah, Spark, BaseFM, Fisher & Paykel & more.

Our founders strategic creative work has been credited with over 50 global industry awards including: Design Museum's Designs of the Year Award, multiple Webby’s, Cannes Lions & Cyber Lions, Eurobest, One Show, Global Mobile Awards, D&AD, Tomorrow Awards, Axis, Effies, WARC, Social Buzz, London International - to name but a few.

We have a radio show on BaseFM as well as a Podcast on iTunes & Spotify.

CorpStudio® also has a feature film, children’s books & a novel in development/production.